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Placenta Encapsulation Services

Your placenta is an amazing organ formed to connect you and your baby together during pregnancy. After you deliver your placenta, it is steamed, dehydrated and ground into capsules for you to digest.

  Potential Benefits

  • Can increase milk production

  • Can increase energy levels

  • Can be used a natural pain relief

  • Can reduce risk of postpartum depression

  • Assist the uterus to return to it's pre-pregnancy state

  • Helps to balance postpartum hormones

  • Reduce postpartum bleeding

  • Replenishes depleted iron levels


Service Locations: Philadelphia, NJ, Delaware, & all surrounding areas

Raw Method 
This method is a non-steam processed that follows the raw food diet. With this method there is more potent and extra capsules. The placenta is sliced, dehydrated, ground down to fine power and then poured into each capsule.

 Traditional Chinese Method (TCM)
This method is widely known from the Chinese traditions. With this method, the capsules may have less potent from the steaming process, however, steaming the placenta gives an extra step of protection against viruses and pathogens.The placenta is sliced, steamed, dehydrated, ground to fine powder and then poured into each capsule. Lemon and ginger can be added to the steam process

Add-on Services  $10

  • Placenta Prints (with or without dye) 

  • Cord Keepsake (umbilical cord)

  • Placenta Tincture

  • Additional Placenta Recipes (smoothies, raw placenta cubes, placenta Essence, Mother's Broth, Placenta cookies, etc..)

 Have questions or concerns?

15 minute consultation is available.

Is placenta encapsulation safe?
 - When properly handed and safety precautions are used, yes
Are there any side effects?
    -Some women have reported headaches, jitteriness, dizziness, engorgement, and / or excessive energy.
How do you receive my placenta?
          - I can provide pick up from the hospital, home, and drop offs.

What if I have a cesarean, epidural, and pre termed labor ?
          - Yes! Speak with your health care provider so they know your plans for your placenta.
What about meconium?
         -If it is present, I will remove the amniotic membranes and discard of it. Rinse the placenta, and soak it in a vinegar and water to kill pathogens.
Where should I store my capsules?
      -Store in a dry location (bedroom, living room)
 How long does the process take?
      - Take up to 3 days max
How many capsules will I get? 
     -Depends on the size of your placenta, it also depends on the encapsulation method you choose
Why do you need a copy of my blood work?
       -Mother needs to be screened for blodborne diseases, there could be a risk of spreading illness if someone other than the mother consuming the placenta.

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